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M.A.D. Collective

Saturday, 11 July, 2020 - 20:00
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Mutually Assured Deconstruction

“"M.A.D. highlights the link between the idea of miracle and that of madness. Indeed, both processes blur the line between what is real and what is not. It could even be said that the miracle is the social and generalised manifestation of subjective psychosis, whereas madness is the subjective, individual manifestation of socially-caused psychosis.

But if socio-ideological processes need a generalised psychosis to protect themselves from scrutiny, is the madman truly M.A.D. ? Or is his madness the only key to keeping himself sane ? If it is indeed the case that social madness has become the new social sanity, then one should aim to be M.A.D. , as it would prove the most subversive way to deconstruct society, without destroying oneself in the process. And maybe by saving oneself, one can save the others too. Mutually assured destruction ? No. Mutually Assured Deconstruction”

The M.A.D. Collective aims to create physical and abstract spaces where collaborative, interdisciplinary artistic research and production can take place. Through experimentation in small and big formations and by approaching Music and Art as entities with social repercussions, the collective will create a network of artistic theories and practices which, like culture, are meant to be shared with people and circulate within society.

Leone/Deorsola is one of the units making up the M.A.D. Collective. The Duo—formed in Rotterdam, in 2019— consists of Andrea Leone (t.sax) and Filippo Deorsola (piano).Influenced by contemporary classical music and jazz, they quickly developed an interplay based on free improvisation. By preparing the piano , the music can take a variety of different timbres and occupy the space that is normally filled by other instruments..

In and out of tonality and with small amounts of written music, the two musicians constantly try to find new methods to connect their ideas in the most sincere of ways.

Filippo Deorsolo (piano)

Andrea Leone (tenor sax)

Mathieu Clement (drums&percussion)

special guest: Michel Pilz (bass clarinet)

Ministère de la Culture, Woxx