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Cineast 2021: As far as possible

Wednesday, 20 October, 2021 - 20:00
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Original title: Май далеко - май добре, Ukraine 2021, documentary, 71 min. VO, EN subtitles

Directed by Ganna Iaroshevych

This is a story of a young German man, Michel, whose dream is to lead a simple life far from civilisation. He lives in the Ukrainian mountains and takes care of endangered animals — water buffaloes. After 10 years of being a loner, Michel falls in love with Vera, a woman from his hometown in Germany, who has two small kids from a previous relationship. Michel moves back to Germany and tries to create a new family with Vera. In the end Michel has to decide — is love worth a broken dream?

Cineast asbl, Ministre de la Culture, WOXX