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Cineast 2020: II (Two)

Tuesday, 13 October, 2020 - 20:00
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Original title: II, Belarus 2019, drama 61 min. VO, EN subtitles,

Directed by Vlada Senkova, written by Vlada Senkova, Aleksandr Lesko, with Ilariya Shashko, Aleksey Vainilovich, Alina Yuhnevich

The lives of three 16-year-old classmates are shaken by some shocking news.


Nastya, Sasha and Kristina are 16 years old classmates going to the same school in a Belarusian town. While the school sticks to its old-fashioned discipline, they lead typical modern teenage lives while trying to be different from everyone else and find their own place in life. Nastya and Sasha plan to study in Poland, while Kristina is mostly interested in love affairs. But one day their lives and dreams are shaken up by some shocking news and they have to face the unpleasant reality.

This very promising feature by female director Vlada Senkova offers an authentic and well-acted peek into the life of young generation in Belarus. It is an appealing coming-of-age story that skilfully touches upon various social issues and problems faced by Belarussian teenagers today.

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