Cineast 2018: From Cremona to Cremona

Thursday, 11 October, 2018 - 20:00
Free entry

From Cremona to Cremona (Bulgaria, Italy 2016), documentary, 75 min, English subtitles, directed by Maria Averina   

Ivan is an ambitious and passionate young man who works in a factory called Kremona, which is the biggest workshop for handcrafted string instruments in Bulgaria and Eastern Europe. His dream is to go to the world’s Mecca of violins – the city of Cremona in Italy, home to the legendary Stradivari and Amati instruments that stand for glamour and exclusivity. Along the way, Ivan meets Eva and Christo Marino who have already established themselves as luthiers in Cremona, as well as Stoyanka who has given up her talent and dream of becoming a luthier, and instead has been doing one and the same violin part for 17 years in the Kremona factory. Ivan’s search for success and professional recognition is marked by bitter disappointment as he has to make the difficult choice between a long-standing tradition and clever business plans.
This subtle and warm-hearted film presents an emotional journey to the desired dreamland or the inner self of every violin maker. It gives an insightful glimpse into the lives of people who are struggling with tradition and severe competition in the hope of turning their musical passion into a sustainable job.

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