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Accommodation. Bernadeta Sudnikowicz

Friday, 10 July, 2020 - 19:00 to Sunday, 9 August, 2020 - 20:00
free entry


The works created by the artist are an attempt to generate a tool by which change of perspective in their vision of reality will be possible immediately and without basing on standard templates cultural. Hence the lack of any anthropomorphisation in the presented images. Ambivalence, embedded in the content and in the form of works, creates one specific type of pun, riddles, which can be solved at both the intellect and sensations and emotions way. Artist operates in a sophisticated means of artistic expression through poetic symbiosis of coffee and ink. Accommodation, an invitation to solve this puzzle and specific trip, which does not count the time, because it is their fully reflected in these works. Works from this collection were presented at the exhibition of the 9th International Biennale of Miniature art – Częstochowa 2016 and the National Biennale of Art – 44 Winter Salon - Radom 2016.


She graduated from The Academy of Fine Arts in Łódź. She is a memeber of The Association of Polish Visual Artists. Laureate and finalist of Polish and international contests and art reviews. She had numerous individual and group exhibitions in Poland, Germany, France,Great Britain, Luxembourg and Lithuania. She uses various techniques, such as acrylic,water colour, and own techniques. She draws attention to the uncompromised attitude towards painting, reaching for the unknown, aesthetics and adding content to the form. The artist's works are included in private collections, mainly in Poland, Great Britain, USA, Canada, Australia, Czech Republic and Germany, also in KaišiadorysCulture Centre in Lithuania and The Museum of Beskyd in the Czech Rebublic.

Selected exhibitions and achievements (2016 - 2019):

- International Art Review "Alternatives 33" (2016 - 2019) - Gallery 33 - Ostrów Wielkopolski;

- individual exhibition "Accommodation" - Grodzka Gallery - Krakow, 2016; "Galeria 33" - Ostrów Wielkopolski, 2016; "A" Gallery - Łódź 2016; Beskid Museum - Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic, 2017; City Hall - Hel, 2017; "B2O" Gallery - Kaunas, Lithuania, 2018;

- International Biennial of Miniatures - "Gaude Mater" Gallery - Częstochowa, Poland 2016; Stanisław Staszic Museum - Piła 2016; Nowa Huta Culture Center - Kraków, 2016; "Test" Gallery - Warsaw, 2017; Galerie Brotzinger Art. - Pforzheim, Germany, 2017;

- National Art Biennale - 44 Winter Salon - Mazovian Center for Contemporary Art 'Elektrownia', Radom, 2016;

- International Quadro Art Picture Biennale - Central Museum of Textiles - Łódź, 2016;

- collective exhibition "Frame of mind" - Magan Gallery - London, United Kingdom, 2017;

- collective exhibition “Ab hoc et ab hac” - Galeria Florianska 22 '' - Krakow, 2018;

- 7th International Watercolor Biennale "Baltic Bridges" - National Center for Culture - Kaunas, Lithuania, 2018;

- individual exhibition "Between white and black" - Gallery 33 - Ostrów Wielkopolski, 2018; Beskid - Frydek - Mistek Museum, Czech Republic, 2019;

- honorable mention in the International Competition "Poster for Independence" - Luxembourg, 2018;

- individual exhibition "Idiosyncrasy" - National Radio and Lithuanian Television - Vilnius, Lithuania, 2018; Wałeckie Centrum Kultury - Wałcz, 2018; Palace Gallery - Kalisz Pomorski, 2019;

- the prize of Władysław Ślewiński in the National Competition "I love Poland ..." - Sochaczew, 2019;

- International Painting and Sculpture Symposium "Roads of Freedom" - Antonin / Ostrów Wielkopolski, 2019;

- international exhibition "Views" City Hall - Hel, 2019;

- “Resonance” International Painting Symposium - Pont-a-Vendin, France, 2018 – 2019.


Contact: Tel. +48 504 866 735, e-mail: